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Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is the culmination of 15 years teaching by Keith & Sarah Condie. This biblically-based course uses the tenets of the Bible, combined with current marriage research to help couples think through how to make their marriage better.
Taking the course at home allows you to learn at your own pace with your partner in an environment you are familiar with.

At times it may be difficult, but this marriage course will provide you with the tools and pathways to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage and how you can improve it.

It is a shared experience which seeks to strengthen your relationship and give you the tools to build a great marriage.

Building a safe marriage

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in person

Attending a course in person can help you to stay committed, as you experience working through the program with a group of other couples.

Realising that other people may also have challenges in their marriage can be a beneficial learning tool to understand that you are not alone and that, while every marriage is different, solutions can be approached in a similar manner.

Attending a course in person doesn’t mean that you have to share your experiences with other couples in the group – the course only asks you to share your thoughts or go through exercises with your spouse.

Courses are currently held in and around Sydney. We hope to have more courses in more locations across Australia soon.

Building a safe marriage

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