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Take the course at home

Building a Safe and Strong Marriage is a course created to help couples in nurturing and building their marriage, across five easy sessions.

The course gives couples a chance to stop and focus on their marriage and how to make it better.

Session 1: God’s design for marriage

Session 2: What damages our connectedness in marriage?

Session 3: Building the positives – friendship and communication

Session 4: Building the positives – sex and spirituality

Session 5: Managing conflict gently

There are two options for couples who wish to do the course at home:

Building a safe marriage

Option 1

Do the course online

The online course takes couples through the five sessions over 10 weeks on an e-learning platform. Watch the video content, spend time discussing your marriage, and interact with the course questions.

Building a safe marriage

Option 2

Course download + workbooks

This bundle provides all 5 sessions as downloads and couples receive 2 participant workbooks in the post. Watch each session on your computer and work through the questions in your workbooks.

Building a safe marriage

About the course options

Do the online course

The online course is easy to use and takes couples through each session at their own pace, at a time convenient to them. Couples have 10 weeks to complete the online course following the receipt of your registration email (you will receive this up to 5 business days after you purchase the online course).

Once you have purchased the course and received your registration email, you can login here:

Go to online course

Note: You do not need to purchase a Participants Workbook or Facilitator Manual if you are doing the online course. All participant resources are provided through the e-learning platform.

Watch the sessions and use the workbooks

Download all 5 sessions onto your computer and receive the Participant Workbooks via post in our special Bundle.

The participant workbook includes activities and questions to help couples think through and reflect on each session, both individually or as a couple.

Building a safe marriage

Building a safe marriage

If you would like to attend a course please fill in the form and we will be in touch shortly.