What people are saying

“This course is suitable for any age or stage of marriage, and not just for Christians. We were so encouraged to see the attendance of couples married for a year, as well as couples married for many decades….

…. Are you married? We couldn’t recommend this course strongly enough.”

Morwenna Baird, course participant St Michael's Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong

“Building a Safe and Strong Marriage encourages self-awareness in relationships, the key to any change. I particularly appreciate the combination of sensitivity and humour, which helps create space for thinking about even the most challenging topics in relationships.

The course is careful and enriching, and brings together biblical content with research on healthy relationships. It will be challenging but fruitful for any participant.”

Lauren Errington Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist

“In an era where one in three Australian marriages end in divorce, according to McCrindle Research, the Condies stress the importance of staying connected to your spouse. This relates in particular to developing marriage-friendly habits in the way you spend your time and use technology.”

Rebecca Abbott Eternity News

“Cath [my wife] and I have started to do [the course] together. I am pretty sure in a year’s time lots of us are going to be running this course. Because really… there’s nothing else out there quite like this. Certainly there’s nothing Australian out there, and there’s nothing that goes remotely near touching the theology with the wisdom and, well, actually touching the theology at all, compared to what you’ve done here. I think it’s going to be widely used and you’ve done us a great service.”

Dominic Steele The Pastor's Heart and Village Church, Annandale

“The Building a Strong & Safe Marriage course is a well-crafted, engaging and easy to use resource. It reflects the decades of experience that Keith Condie has as a theological lecturer at Moore College, and the many years of experience that Sarah Condie has as a pastoral care worker in churches.

We have used this with couples from our church and found it to be a blessing to those who participated. The video looks just gorgeous, and the high production values make it an attractive and easy to use tool. We will definitely be using it again!”

Edward and Jane Vaughan St John's Darlinghurst

“We service our car once or twice a year… but we don’t do this for our marriages?…. This is a great course to strengthen marriages.”

Scott Sanders 'One Thing' - The Geneva Push podcast

“The course covers everything from good communication to sex in a marriage and even flags issues of domestic violence (encouraging people facing such situations to seek professional help rather than doing the course) and features videos of couples telling their stories.

It can be undertaken as a church, a small group or even as a couple over a five-week period or a single weekend…”

David Adams Sight Magazine

“It sounds fantastic! I just want to do it.”

Tori Walker The Lydia Project Podcast

What past participants have said

I really liked the idea that if you want to turn your marriage around it’s not the grand gesture, it’s the little things every day. That really impacted me.

Ed, course participant

I really enjoyed hearing about all the little proactive things that we can do every day to grow the foundation of our marriage.

Damien, course participant

Thinking about the power of those day-to-day interactions and how they really shape the quality of your marriage.

Grace, course participant

I’ve been reminded of the priority of our relationship – our marriage – over other relationships, over even our children, and the importance of being a safe place for each other.

Naomi, course participant