Run a course online


Why run a course?

We believe that strong, healthy marriages leave a wonderful legacy, benefiting children, church communities and the wider society.

Our hope and prayer is that this course will not only be a means of strengthening the marriages of participants, but it will also bring blessing to all who fall under the influence of these marriages.

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is based on marriage enrichment courses that Keith & Sarah Condie have been running for over 15 years. The five sessions have developed over time, in response to feedback and new insights. This course has benefited hundreds of couples over the years.

Building a safe marriage

The course is simple to run online:

Set a date for the course and promote it in your church and your local community.
Once couples have registered with you, contact us to add the group to the online learning platform. We'll then give you a code to purchase the course with the relevant discount.
Couples take each session at their own pace, completing one each week. Your group will have access to the course for 10 weeks.
Organise one or two times for couples to meet up and share what they are getting out of the course. (This is optional)

This course draws upon wisdom from two main sources: the Bible and marriage research.

Much of what the research affirms about healthy and happy marriages is consistent with principles outlined in the Bible. We believe this course will benefit any marriage, even if participants don’t share our faith commitment.

How to run a course online

  1. Set the dates for your Building a Safe & Strong Marriage course.
  2. Download the free promotional materials to promote your course.
  3. There are two options for charging for this course:
  • • As a church, or as a host, you can purchase group access. You can then decide how much you ask couples to contribute. We are offering different rates for bulk orders. If you would like to do this, please download the group registration form below, and send it to us at least 5 business days (1 week) prior to start date. We will register the couples to the online learning platform and give you a code to purchase the online course at a discount.
  • • Invite couples to purchase the online course, ready to start on your start date.


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Group discounts

Churches and other organisations who would like to register a group of couples can do so with a special discount, which increases the more couples you register:

Number of couples Price per couple
2-5 $47.50
6-10 $44.95
11-15 $42.50
16-20 $39.95
21-25 $37.50
25+ $34.95